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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not much happening around here...

I rode with Uncle B from Providence Bike on Friday morning waaaay down in the hinterlands of Arcadia. I had to scope out a beginner/intermediate loop for Sunday's scheduled ride series event. We rode a bunch of the trails near Browning Mill Pond including the Arcadia trail and the 95 trail. Due to the high humidity the rocks and roots alike were all aglow with an icy green sheen. This unmistakable hue serves as a warning to air down and ride light. After losing about 50 pounds of water weight we headed back to the car and figured out how to cram the bikes in the back once again. My dreams of getting up to three bikes in the Fit are mostly shot down. I'm thinking maybe if both front and rear wheels are removed it might work with one of the rear seats up, but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

I made another trip up to Chase and Lincoln Woods on Saturday morning on the On One, and once again it was fun to bang around in the woods on that bike. Pinch flatting on a rock roller was not so fun, but luckily it waited until I came to a stop to go from full to dead flat in 2 seconds. Good thing, because that roller might've hurt me otherwise.. Later on Saturday I bumped into the road warrior known as Apples at the post Cox Charities Bicycle Gnar Gnar Huck Jam party that was graciously hosted by the Samartanos, and their wonderful friends Lyons and Judge. As for the race, well, I completely missed the 2/3 race but I arrived in time to catch the 50 lap (!) Pro race. I hear some serious bike wrangling took place in the 2/3 with Adam St. G almost winning all the prize money, and I also heard that Scotty lapped the whole field on the first lap because he was going soooo fast. Word on the street was the only thing that slowed him down was his skin catching on fire due to the excessive speeds.

The Pro race was fun to watch but admittedly I was kind of bored within about 30 minutes. Bike races (and rides) are more fun to do than watch. Also, not knowing anyone in the race makes it even harder to watch with out rapidly losing interest in the whole affair.

After catching up with some Misanthrope on a scooter (catchy band name maybe??) I moseyed over to Whole Foods with Billy Dee Williams (aka Noah "Colt 45" Jacobs) for party favors and beer. I then made Noah ride up Doyle on his rickety bucket of bolts, all so we could raid my fridge for more beer to bring to said soiree. Much fun was had by all and the rain held off which was a nice touch. I had to lead a ride the next morning down in Arcadia so I booked it home through a winding down Waterfire and hit the hay.

Rumor is someone I know (his name rhymes with James Grimley) would like to start some sort of underground 'cross race this fall somewhere east of Providence, adjacent to a path designed for bicycle riding. Keep an ear out for it, it might be fun.

Here's on old picture of when the Kula was rigid..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

underground cross race?

heck yes.

5:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found you from an old post on Dirt Rag. "Not much happening around here..." is a sweet read, and so are the bikes in your collection. I was searching for a friend who needs to replace a broken crank arm. You're post said you have old Cook Bros. If so please call me - John 858-663-9791. I used to work at Fat City, and the guy who needs them is an old friend with an old FAT. thanks

8:17 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Sorry - the Cooks are loooong gone. I think that was ~ 3 years ago? They're out there though - I see them pop up from time to time on Ebay/MTBR. Try a want ad on MTBR or post in their vintage bikes forum. Good luck!

3:35 PM


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