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Thursday, May 01, 2008

RI Bicycles Craigslist Post of the Year

I know April just ended (happy May Day comrades!), but this one takes the cake. Read it, I dare you. I know it's devoid of punctuation and all, but it's completely worth it. You can really feel the despair of the seller. Poor guy pours his heart into his ads and folks just jerk him around. People please stop wasting his time and buy the bike. While he may not answer your calls, or text messages, he's pretty much guaranteeing you will enjoy this bike. He wouldn't even be selling it if he didn't need the cash, what with it being so good for excersize (a form of eczema treatment perhaps?) and all. That right there should tell you it's an awesome bike! Scarier still is that this is a follow up to his earlier ad about a cursing bike. A bike that swears?? Hell, where do I sign up?!

Without any further snarkiness here's the ad:


Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-01, 11:18AM EDT

i posted it a few times had a bunch of people hit me up bout it only to have them get back to me the next day sayin they jus bought one this bike is not like normal bikes your not all bent over wit ya back achin if you look at the picture the frame has a downward slope to it and if you look where the pedals are they are not directly below the seat like every other bike they are more toward the front of the bike wen i first got on it it seem very diffrent from a normal bike it is so much more comfortable no strain on the feet the legs or your back the seat is nice and big it has front shimano v brakes and back pedal breaks has 3 speeds so instead of having to switch thru 12 or 21 diffrent gears you have three that are perfect for any drivin situation has a 3 peace crank it is pretty much brand new i never drive it i used it for about 3 nights jus riding it around town there is absolutly nothin wrong wit it except it probably jus alittle dusty from sittin in my basement it is 400 brand new im only askin 150 well worth it for a trek bike def worth it if you use a bicycle to commute to work or school or even to excersize great for riding long distances i wouldnt even get rid of it if i didnt need the xtra cash so email me or call me or text me at 4---- cant promise that ill answer but if you leave ya name and number ill call you back as soon as i can and if you text or email i mite respond faster but to whoever does buy it you definetly will not b disappointed in your purchase the pictures dark too so if you are seriously intrested in buyin it ill take better ones and send them but if you jus gonna make me run around and wait and then not buy it then dont even bother hittin me up



Blogger Aa said...

That's two bike ads in a row...
If I wanted to read bustedspoke.com's for sale page I would be there.

Maybe you can call him and work out a trade for you SS? I mean... it's not like any other bike, EVER.
And you NEED that.

1:47 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Well, I could've written a little blurb about the Foxboro ride with Steve M but he covered that ground on his bloggy blog.

Let it be known that "This is my favorite trail!" is going into the hall of fame as far as quotes prior to disaster is concerned.

2:31 PM


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