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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Need a lift??

Yikes, I'm 33 today. Well, I guess it was yesterday, seeing as how it's 12:03 AM on February 16th. Anyway,  if you need a lift down to the Fun Ride on Sunday let me know, just be sure your tetanus shots are up to date. The Chevy is running a little rough these days, what with the missing engine and all.  

In all seriousness, the Subaru will be departing the Camp Street enclave ~ 7:30 AM for the balmier climes of Charleston, RI. Should be a good time with plenty of riding and raffle prizes to go around. Hope to see you there!

Oh yeah, thanks for the beer Jamie!


Blogger Aa said...

Happy Scotty Pippen!

10:38 AM

Blogger MMcG said...

Nice pic!

And I know I know I need to get moving on my blog activity.

4:29 PM


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