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Friday, February 01, 2008

Are you ready for some Foosball?!?

Apparently the whole NE Patriots team works here... I didn't realize this until I came to work this morning. All I can say is wow, did they really let themselves go! I never knew Teddy Bruschi was a dumpy accountant. Maybe you knew this already, but it was news to me. Apparently that shifty dude in the mailroom is on Kraft's payroll too, he moonlights as Kevin Faulk on Sundays. Good thing for him Foxboro is just up the road. I wouldn't want his commute betweens jobs to affect his on the field performance.

I also heard a lot of chatter about how "we" were going to win and why the Giants will lose. Really? "We're" going to beat the Giants, are you sure about this? Because, honestly, I think we had all better get our asses on a plane to Arizona and get some practice in ASAP. Half the folks in this joint couldn't lug the chains around on the sidelines, never mind line up on the field. My favorite moments had to be the numerous discussions about the advantages of Under Armour. I know that I, for one, wear a base layer when walking to the printer or fax machine. This isn't Baskin Robbins kids. We're busy people, and busy people sweat. So hell yeah, I want a wicking fabric underneath my replica jersey while I'm running screens on my way to the bathroom. Besides, I never know when that mailroom creep might try to tackle me in the parking lot.

I know I'm a cynical douche bag, and that the above has little to do with cycling. But imagine how absurd the above scenario plays out with other sports... sports like swimming, polo, cycling and figure skating to name a few. What if I'm a HUGE fan of the above mentioned sports? During the Olympics can I walk into the office sporting a Speedo while wearing figure skates and clutching a riding crop? Maybe I could just ride my bike around inside while wearing a water polo helmet and lycra shorts. That should elicit some interesting responses. Maybe I'd hear things like "Hell yeah dude, we're gonna crush the Germans in the Butterfly!" or "Sweet helmet man, we're gonna own the Latvians in the pool"!

As it stands now I already get some wonderful responses when I ride into work, without wearing a Speedo. The general reaction as I walk (quickly) through the cafeteria to the showers is sometimes funny, occasionally hostile and sad all at the same time. Oh yeah, and in July everyone seems to think I know everything about the Tour. Do I look like Bob Roll (God, I hope not)?? Just because I ride bikes doesn't mean I know two shits about a race in France.

With all that said it's time to get back to work. Although I have to confess, I'm really not feeling guilty about posting from the office. Why should I when everyone is preoccupied with the life altering event that is the Super Bowl? So load up your school bus sized vehicles, grab your buddies to help dig up the corpse of Spuds McKenzie and get ready to party like its 1987. Don't worry about those pesky wars, elections and the economy. Crap, I gotta run. Laurence Maroney is headed this way, I think we're running through old car tires on the lawn at noon.


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