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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Econo Whip and Race mumbo jumbo

So I finally traded in the Subie and took receipt of my Honda Fit Sport ('cause you all know how sporty I am right?). As Adam would agree; it's a dorky car for a dorky guy. But, it's friggin' huuuuge inside, it gets some really nice mileage and the emissions are really low (more important than mpg to me). No roof rack for the time being, I'll just fold down the seats for bike storage and transport. How a car with 109 hp manages to pull so hard I may never know, but it's pretty quick and there are no issues with highway driving at all.

I know, this here blog is really supposed to focus on bikes.. But sometimes riding and driving intertwine. Short of riding to Lincoln Woods most of the "local" trails require a drive * . Luckily for me I can get my weekday rides in without too much extra driving as Foxboro, Wrentham and LW are all on the way home depending on the route. That said,the good news is it's time to start MTB rides after work now that DST is in full swing. I managed to squeak in a little more than an hour at LW last Friday night before sunset. I was also out there for almost two hours on Sunday. The trails are really well drained already and they are fine to ride. The usual wet spots are wet, but they'll be wet in August so no worries.

In other news I received a Delorme PN-20 GPS unit from the continental jetsetter Brian Danz of Ex-Providence Bicycle mechanic fame. He now works for Delorme, and he was kind enough to hook us (me and Pete Gengler) up with this unit. Once I figure out how it works I'll start writing a review that should appear in NEMBA's Singletracks, and I'll post it on various websites (Dirt Rag, MTBR, Ironspoke etc..). I'm really interested in using it to plot out some future trails at LW. It'll be nice to have a professional looking proposal to present to the land managers.

On a related note the regular Friday night Lincoln Woods rides will start on 4/18 ~ 6:00pm. We'll have two ride leaders to accommodate different ability levels, and we'll meet in the double lot off of the Twin River Rd. entrance. Take a right when entering and the lot is down on the left (before the beach area). I have NEMBA ride waivers for folks to sign, figure I'd mention that now so there's no surprises. This way if you fall and break your tuckus you can't sue my pants off. Sounds swell to me.

What else? Oh yeah, the King Of Burlingame MTB Time Trial looks to be all full up. If you missed the boat, well, I'm sorry. They will need volunteers so if one of your buddies is racing please head down and offer your services (marshals and reg. help). There will most likely be some post race riding as well so bring your bike. Since I know Jack at the Hub, the Providence Bicycle crew and maybe Matt at NBX(?) are one of the 4 people that look at this blog I'd like to say Thanks for being sponsors of the race! I'm sure Lennon has said it already, but it's worth repeating. I was psyched to see so many local shops supporting the race.

That's all I have for now.

* OK, rides in places like Big River, Foxboro, Wrentham etc. don't always require a drive. While it's fun to ride the 'cross bike to these spots (and some secret stashes) and hit the trails, you won't catch me riding my MTB on the road for too many miles. It's just not that fun rollin' 700x55 or 26x2.3 knobbies on pavement, you know what I mean? Sorry about the random pic, it's all I had on the PC at work..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh. mello here - i read this dorky blogg all the time. nice pix of the new ride.....

8:31 PM

Blogger Aa said...

I want to see a pick of the dork-mobile. I think you made a most righteous choice, it's a cool, albeit dorky car. But you know the saying, function first. Or something.

See you at Burlingame

9:29 AM

Blogger gewilli said...

power to weight -

works for cars and bikes

use curb weight or get really dorky and head to a scrap metal yard and give the guy running the scale $10 to give you an accurate weight of the FIT...

10:53 AM

Blogger Brendan said...

Well dorky is right up my alley so who knows I may hit the scrapyard.. the weight is pretty darn low, that and apparently the Vtech keeps it in it's powerband. Drive by wire too - pretty cool.

11:14 AM

Blogger Aa said...

But does it give you average, or normalized power over the course of your drive?

3:28 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Uh, I dunno - abnormalized maybe? ;)

3:58 PM


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