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Friday, February 29, 2008

On the road again

So after finally kicking that nasty ass flu I managed to ride all week. Monday - Thursday anyway. Pretty much all on the road, and all in the cold, but it was worth it. I've thrown any chance of being "seriously" fit out the window at this point. Still planning on hitting a bunch of early season races such as The King of Burlingame MTB Time Trial on April 6th and a bunch of the Root 66 races. I'm going to have to hit some of the more technical races to have any chance of breaking the top 5. The early races are way too roadie friendly for a guy like me to do too well, never mind the fact that the Sport class races are over in around an hour. It usually takes me a good 30 minutes just to warm up, never mind go full throttle from the get go.

It seems like riding the On One fixed has been helping with power thus far. It's pretty fun, and it had better be since I sold my only geared road bike recently. It's SS or fixed for the foreseeable future on the road. I'm sure the first commute to work next month will be fun... might need to slap on the FW for the ride home. I can't imagine trying to spin down Manville Hill road in WoonCumberSocketLand. That could get ugly real quick. Maybe I could put some pegs on the back and just stand there all the way down, sweet... I think I got an idea of what it might look like last Saturday while watching some brakeless dude blaze down Jenkins St. towards North Main. Next time watch out for the sheet of ice at the bottom of the hill buddy, it's a bitch. That nice headband will probably protect you though, so what do I know?

Oh yeah, anyone know where the hell Adam is? He went from 5,000 posts a day on his blog to none. What happened? Is he too busy mixing granola, talking to cows and driving Volvos to post? Step it up pal, we miss you...


Blogger Aa said...

I had no idea that cows had so much to say. They kept me busy for quite some time... chit chatting the day away.
Back to the grind come Tuesday... working man.

See you at Burlingame.

12:24 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Hey Brendan, Small world. I was that guy in Prov. Bike the other day. Totally agree that upper Pleasant OK, lower Pleasant is rough. Its ironic there's two guys named Brendan that ride bikes a lot and live w/in a few blocks. Later on:

8:18 PM


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