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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buy my Damn bike, OK?

Since this is my little slice of Internet wonder bread and all I figure I ought to be able to post this without fear of feeling like a goon. Well, I still feel kinda like a boob but whatever. Buy my bike - $650 local sale. It's a good deal, please buy it so I can pay for the Kelly 'cross bike I sooooo desperately need to bang elbows with the bottom 1/3 of the C class 'cross racers this fall.

Here's the bike: '07 Surly in the medium size AKA: 18". Lime green with some PIMP matching rims. Roll like the breeze in Lou Feregino style.. I'm 6' tall and it fits me well. It rides like a MTB should. Nice and neutral and surprisingly forgiving for a 26" rigid woods bike.


Medium (18") 1x1 frame - all the geometronical details are on the Surly site.http://www.surlybikes.com/1X1.html

Wheelset: Hugi hubs (hayes branded) laced to Velocity rims. Rims were powdercoated to match the frame by the original owner. These hubs are friggin' sweet and will last a loooong time.

Tires: Maxxis Larsen 2.3s. Very nice SS tires, they roll fast and take the edge off.

Crankset: LX 170mm with a Spot bashguard and a 32t Surly Stainless ring

Cog: 20t Surly cog

Chain: Sram PC 58 8spd

Tensioner: Surly Tugnutt

Seatpost clamp: Surly Constrictor

Post: Thomson

Saddle: Bontrager Race


Stem: Race Face Prodigy 115

Bar: Ritchey Rizer SC

Grips: Oury ODI lock on

Levers: Avid Speed dial Ti

Cables - Avid Flak Jacket (I still need to install the front for whoever buys it).

Brakes: Avid BB5 up front, and a BB7 in the rear. Roundagon rotors.

Extras: The other BB7 brake caliper I have (never got around to swapping out the front) and an 18t Surly cog.

I've owned the bike since late December 2006. It has a total of 33 rides under me and one race. The rear hub was serviced (routine) last Spring by a kick ass mechanic. It has the normal scratches one would associate with MTB riding.

* There is some wear from my heel on the non drive side. I sanded off a little surface rust and touched it up with auto touch up (blue). I wrapped some black electrical tape over it. I also treated the frame with Frame saver when I got it.

More pics by request - or just swing by palatial Jenkins St. Estates to arrange a private viewing. I'll have Russell the guard buzz you in.

Thanks for looking - post a comment or email me at mtbdee at hotmail dot com.



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Blogger Aa said...

This bike WILL make you faster.

Not to mention more stylish.

4:55 AM

Blogger Crayons taste like purple said...

Hulk SMASH!!!

Nice to see you and Stacy at the NEMBA Banquet...

11:34 PM


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