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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Under the Hood

There was this sound coming from under the front end of my new ride. I wasn't really sure what was causing it until I pulled over yesterday and found this disc spinning around where the blinker fluid belongs. I removed it, popped it in the old CD player, and was pretty pschyed to hear some new/old music from The Cobramatics. Johnny "the Colonel" Maguire recently released this record on his own Original Recipe label. If you've never heard of the Cobramatics and you're wondering when the hell I'm going to get around to some bicycle related content just hold tight. It's coming, I swear it is..

So yeah, the disc. From what I can gather it's the only official release of all their songs. You may have heard the 'Gansett theme/ad song in the past, rest assured Matt Schulde it's on there. There's also plenty of other rockin' tunes like Jailbait, Jump onto my Rocket and a whole bunch more. If you like rockabilly/surfy/rootsy tunes go pick this up and support some local musicians. I'm in no way shape or form qualified to review music but I like it, so we'll leave it at that. You can contact Johnny on his MySpace page if you'd like a copy, and I'm betting he'll have some at Local 121 on Sunday evenings when he's doing his DJ thing. If I wasn't so old and lame I'd probably be hanging around at said establishment of drinky goodtimes past 10:00 PM on Sundays but well, I'm hopelessly dorky (as we all know) so it doesn't happen too often. Sleeping on the couch, uh, I mean "recovery time" takes over after 9:00pm most Sundays..

Bikes, - back to bikes right Adam? OK, well, uh, oh so there's this tune on the above mentioned record called Burrillville Bounce. It reminded me of a death march MTB race I reportedly participated in at Wallum Lake quite a few years back. I say reportedly because I can't recall much from that day (see below). The event was more of an exercise in self flagellation given the roughly 1000 degree heat and 90000% humidity. The race was held on seldom used trails that had the consistency of chocolate pudding and beach sand, all at the same time. There was also a 25 yard mud hole that required full on 'cross style running, and a WALL OF SAND right before the start/finish. Wheee. Anyway, I was on my way to winning the Sport race when some dread locked fakin' Jamaican dude I passed in the first two minutes of the race blazed by me. He then proceeded to run up the giant dirt mound like the Flash. This was demoralizing to say the least. So I wound up 2nd, OK with me any day, right? Sure. Except the heat stroke and the part where I passed out on the dashboard while Stacy drove my shelled ass home..


Blogger Crayons taste like purple said...

'Gansett theme song? I gotta get this disk, pronto... Sweeeeet...

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