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Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's about damn time...

I finally commuted to work in 2008. It seems I've definitely turned into a fair weather commuter this year. In years past I'd start in March or April, now it has to be 70 degrees and sunny for me to slog the mostly uphill 22 miles to work. Today's ride convinced me that the road tires need to be installed ASAP. Kenda Kwicks are neither quick nor are they actually the advertised 700x30, they're more like 32s. They're sloooow on the road. Not too surprisingly they felt fast on the roughest pavement. You know the kind that's porous and feels like Velcro with road tires? I'm talking about the kind of road surface that normally makes you look behind to see if you have a rear flat. Yeah, well apparently that stuff feels great when ridden with big ass 'cross tires. Too bad there's not more of that stuff out there.

The ride home is mostly downhill so I have that to look forward to. Well, that and the inevitable cluster f*ck that the Lincoln bikepath will become after 5:30. But I'll deal with that any day as it at least gets me away from Mendon Rd for a few miles.

I think I'm going to hang out at work for a little while after 5:00 to let the Franklin, MA Soccer Mom Deathcar Brigade thin out a bit. You DO NOT want to mess with little Billy's trip to his pre-planned activities.. no, no, no, you don't. Believe me when I tell you this; Don't fuck with the Suburbs. They fight back with blithely ambivalent driving skills piloting MiniSuVans equipped with XL Mocha Lattes, whining little angels, navigation screens, DVD players, cell phones and a nasty attitude. There's no room for hippies in "spandex", so get the hell off the road you fruits!

Cripes, don't I sound like a bitter asshole... What I meant to say was: Ride to work folks, it's good for your health!


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