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Friday, September 26, 2008

Rain and Prince Buster

Lots of it. Coming down in buckets today and tomorrow. Someone has been trying to get me to race the 3/4 'cross in Bedford. Yeah, right. 45 minutes of slaughter, and I don't mean the band. Not gonna happen this time. Although, if the regular 4 races are all stacked with 75 racers I may have to start doing some of the 3/4 races, if simply to avoid racing with that many people. 75 guys hitting the first turn on skinny little knobbies in the wet grass? Oh, yeah, that'll be a piece of cake! No thanks. I crash rarely but when I do it's usually a painful affair, no need to push my luck. I'm still finding new bruises today after a really ungraceful head first rock tasting last night. That's what I get for attempting to ride a rigid SS like the Rip 9 in Foxboro. Endos on 29ers are fairly rare but they are weird, awkward and scary. It take a fair bit of unyielding momentum to bring these things up and over, there's usually a stall, and then it all goes down fast. At least, that's how it's gone the few times I've pulled it off. I'm not a professional so take my word for what it is. The good news is the bike is fine, save for a few scratches and a gouge in the bar.

If anyone else digs SS 'cross bikes check out this beautiful looking rig from Raleigh. Yes, it's named after a beer, and that's kind of lame (but then so is Internet cycling, bike nerds and bike culture) but it is SO wonderful to look at.

No pics, nothing much else is going on so I'll leave you with some music. I've been listening to a lot of The Specials of late, it's high time to revisit what they lifted maybe?


Blogger gewilli said...


Rainer Beer...

oh snap man you ain't growed up in the 70s in the PacNW listening to those commercials watching the news wit ya dad...


whole bunch more here

seein as Raleigh is a PacNW based brand it fits...

Rainer is like the Narragansett for the Washintonians...

3:10 PM

Blogger Luke S said...

a beer...or a big F'in mountain?

3:35 PM


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