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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kona for sale + some parts

If you're looking to check out 29ers and need a frame let me know. I have some big wheel related items I'm looking to sell. Gotta keep the kids in cat food.

Kona Kula 2-9 frame 19": Comes with the stock seat collar and a Salsa Lip Lock. Scandium tubing, disc and V brake compatible and it features some really nice sliding drops (with stop screws - never slipped on me). The frame was ridden and has the usual marks to prove it. Oddly enough it was never raced, even though that was why I bought it. Anyways - $275 local and it's yours. $310 shipped in the US.

29er Wheelset: XT hubs laced to Delgado discs. Rear hub recently overhauled and sports a fresh glob of Philwood grease for smooth sailing. Black on black - good shape, been ridden ~ 70 rides. $125 for the pair.

Avid BB7: disc set (rotors + calipers) $75

Reba Race 80mm: long steerer tube - needs a rebuild as it is starting to weep a bit on the Motion Control side (figure $50-75 at your LBS). Convertible to 100mm, spacers included. $225

Race Face Evolve seat post: 27.2, black 330mm $15

That's about it for now. I may bring a bunch of this to the Prov. Bicycle Swap on 11/2 so if'n you'd like something speak up now!!

I'm having issues posting pics here in Blogger land - here's a link to some pics and a review.


Blogger Mark said...

Interested in the frame. Does it have a headset? Email mark at cyclesnack dot com

7:12 PM

Blogger badbrad said...


5:01 PM

Blogger RJ said...

Dude, I cannot believe you still have this thing. Such a great rig.

7:49 PM


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