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Thursday, October 09, 2008

NBX 'Cross madness and Friday night fights

A bunch of crap has transpired since the last post where G and I had an online chit chat about the Ranier.

Since then I've managed to ride as fast as I can around the super fun NBX race course in Wakefield on two separate occasions. It's been lots of fun trying to keep the faster folks in sight,(Brad,Brendan, Rick from Union, etc..). I feel like I'm doing fairly well, and I'm loving the SS more now that the BBG bashgaurd is keeping things in check. If you need a guard check out BBG! $16 shipped to my door and it arrived in under 4 days! Awesomeness. Also, bumping the gearing down one tooth up front (39x18) gave me a hair more chain wrap. More chain/freewheel contact always helps keep things running smoothly.

I also got myself sucker punched in the eye outside my house on Friday night. I'm not sure why people feel it's OK to throw rocks at our car. They apparently didn't enjoy being called out on it though, as my beautiful shiner and various body bruises can attest to that. Luckily for me my thick skull absorbed the two punches that hit me in rapid succession and I managed to get really pissed. While I wouldn't call what transpired a "fight" I did manage to fight back hard enough to avoid any more damage. I also kept myself from hitting the ground, and getting the shit further kicked out of me, so that's the upside there. By the way, don't let anything happen to you during a Providence Police shift change. Chances are no one will respond for a good 30+ minutes.

Thanks to Noah for the Newcastle at the bike swap! It hit the spot after a long ride that afternoon in Foxboro, and it helped wash the eye pain down the drain. Frate, Uncle B and myself then took over the downstairs bar at the Fez for roughly 6 hours or so. We were later joined by Uncle B's lady friend as well as my lady friend. Apparently the spectacle that is Waterfire was in full swing by the time we left. It was either that, or it was a regular installment of "Bring your parents to Providence and we'll light the nasty river on fire!!" night. They both look eerily similar.

If you have some cash burning a hole in your wallet, or you've simply squirreled some away under your mattress, click over here here and buy some chances to win some sweet bike stuff! NEMBA's annual land access raffle needs the support this year more than ever. Please, please, please consider buying a ticket or two (or 5, or 15)!! They're only ten bucks and we have yet to sell anywhere near enough. This means that the odds of winning are pretty high, and the prizes are really, really sweet (Mavic CrossMax SL wheelset, VDO computer, Fox F series OR float front - your choice, Western Spirit cycling trip, a complete Giant Trace XO, etc..). Don't make me beg, please.. Think about ponying up a couple bucks to help support the organization that has kept local trail access a reality.

That's all I have for now, I haven't taken the camera out recently so no pictures to share. I'll leave you with some great stuff for your listening pleasure.

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Blogger Aa said...

Sweet raffle!
I just bought a couple of tickets...

Highland on the 18th, you in?
Talk to Frate.

9:57 AM

Blogger Brendan said...

Thx Adam! Not so sure about Highland - no big bike.

10:16 AM


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