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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Log Ride

A few pics from Thursday's Bluff Point snow ride extravaganza. Great packed snow conditions, if a little on the soft side. The trails were mostly firm and fast, with fun surprise traction changes and the occasional patch of hidden ice. Aside from nearly neutering myself on a small rock step up it was a great ride. Thank the lord for bashguards...

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Blogger Aa said...

What I find entertaining about your Blog Dee is that are 95% photos of OTHER folks. How are we supposed to know who is writing this stuff.
You might not even exist.

Did you find that rigid steel 26" SS yet, with canti lever brakes, and power straps?

7:45 AM

Blogger Aa said...

Look what I found...

All your SS dreams come true.

6:47 AM


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