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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Woods 'Cross is (hopefully) coming soon...

I've been working on getting an honest to goodness old time 'cross training race established in Lincoln Woods. This is in conjunction with my employer, Providence Bicycle, RI Parks and Recreation and The US Open Cycling Foundation (insurance and officiating). I'm still waiting to hear about the insurance, and I still need to secure the permit with Parks and Recreation, but things are looking pretty good. If anything the insurance is the one thing I'm still concerned about...

Me, Mike Iafrate and Mike Ferraro cleared out some very old trail in Lincoln Woods off the end of Quinsnicket Rd. There's a pretty damn nice section of trail that runs into a ripping descent prior to one of the longest and nastiest run ups you've yet to attempt in your life. The dates will be in August. Early? For sure. Worth the trip? Yes, assuming you enjoy singletrack and suffering.

Even if the planning hits a snag and doesn't "officially" happen I'll try to organize a race/ride and show the course to whomever wants to ride it. At the very least it will sharpen your 'cross bike handling skills and you might enjoy it. And, if you're local, it'll be a nice spot to practice driving your 'cross bike on dirt without worrying about aggravating dog walkers over at Chase Farm.

The course lends itself well to singlespeed 'cross bikes as all the climbs require most normal humans to dismount and run/slog/deathmarch to the top. Whenever you are on your bikes it will be fast, rolling and flowy. There is but one lonely natural barrier in the form of a downed tree with a B line around it. Why no "real" barriers? Because you'll be suffering enough, I promise.

Things to bring:

Your racing license.

A bike.

A helmet.

A positive attitude.

Things not to bring:

Your "A" bike.

Bitching and moaning.

Carbon wheels.


Let me explain the last one. This course is decidedly NOT a grass 'crit! I want to make that 100000% clear from the get go. There are NO paved sections and no grassy fields. It's all in the woods and it's a wee bit like a short MTB course just without any real technical riding.


Anonymous Stove said...

will it be more technical than this?


3:05 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Unfortunately not, those TT bikes are so twitchy they make riding in a straight line scary! ;)

10:01 PM

Blogger Aa said...

Yes... but will there be beer? Because, without beer I think it only counts as a 29er skinny tire affair. With beer, then it's a true cyclocross event.

Coming to town the 23rd!
Watch out!

10:23 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

No beer, no boozin' allowed on State Properties! Even in the pickle park unfortunately...

12:13 PM

Blogger gewilli said...

okay - now i can't stop thinking about this...

i need some confirmation...

gotta get some cross in man...

cross cross cross -

i don't care how jungle/mtbikeish it is... it is still cross... heck you've ridden on my "secret" training ground below the bike path there... that's not cross bike friendly in many spots.

1:54 PM


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