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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Come ride your bike on the Dirts!

We, here in the smallest, brokest, most corruptest, Isle of Rogues have something many of you of the more northern climes do not. That, my friends, is DIRT. The real deal brown stuff. Hmmmm. Where is your dirt? Ensconced in snow and no doubt hiding out under a crusty layer of filthy mean spirited snow. It's not even poking it's head out to taunt you is it? Nope, it's still sleeping and waiting... for May.

How on earth will you cope? You could run, snowboard, XC ski, ride on snow. You may also caress your cranks, lube your johnson rods and fix the flux capacitor. Oh, and don't forget about perfecting your fixed gear spin (working on your 1000 yard stare at the same time is optional)! You could also look into building bicycles from human hair and squirrel corpses. (Something tells me this guy needs a good old MTB ride ASAP).

Sure, all the above will stave off insanity and tide you over until the polar ice caps in your local woods give way. But, I bet that it's all getting real old right about now. What you could do to cure what ails ya is head down to Burlingame in Charlestown, RI. Why? Because there will be dirt. And rocks, and rollers and steep climbs, granite and drops. It's all there and waiting for you. It's also a fund raiser for the Good Vibes Youth Ride to boot and we'll most likely have some post ride food (chili again, maybe?). If you are the bike racing type you could simply ride the Yellow Loop to get your head around the King of Burlingame TT course. If I may be so bold (I will be anyway), I would recommend riding the longer, and more technical, trails that Lennon and his crew of hardcore ninja builders have constructed. Kung Fu Grip required all the way but it's totally worth it.

For details feel free to visit this thread on the NEMBA forums. There is also one on the MTBR forum (MA and CT/RI) for good measure.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the skinny looking guy on the black Sinister 29er. You may even catch a glimpse of the angriest dude on two wheels if he just sucks it up and makes the trip from Pawtucket.

No pics so I'm borrowing this clip from Steve over at the Duff Guide to Ska. It is excellent to say the least. Enjoy.


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