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Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Yeah, I'm a little late with the sentiment I know.. Not too much has transpired in 2009 as of yet so this will be brief. I did manage to ride on New Years Day down at Bluff Point in CT. Bad Brad and I rode the snowy trails and managed to put together a decent loop considering everything was under 4" of powdery snow. A little ice here and there made it interesting and once the snow groove was acheived it was on, and as it turns out it was a lot of fun. I'll post the pics of two dumbasses freezing out on the bluff tonight. I think we definitely should've brought some warming spirits after seeing the "bar" set up at the point. As it was I think we lost a few brain cells at the Tim Hortons pit stop on the drive home, it wouldn't have killed us to get a jump start courtesy of flasky mcgee.

In other self flagellation related news I made a really dumb mistake and ran for roughly twice my longest recent mileage, and time, on Saturday out on the snowy trails at Lincoln Woods. This was extra stupid seeing as how I've only been running on flat ground. This would explain why walking was seriously hindered by a really screwy right knee on Sunday. Oodles of stretching, and some spinning on the trainer, finally allowed things to get back to normal. At least now I can walk up the stairs. I knew running was coming along too well until now. After 5 runs I was pretty happy with my 3 mile/20:10 run last Tuesday and figured I'd "broken through" that invisible barrier that hampers me when I reintroduce an activity. I wasn't hurting during or after so I must be done easing back into it, right? Well, yeah, not so much. It's been roughly 4 years since I ran regularly and like I meant it. It might be a while to get back to where it once was.

In case you are wondering, Lincoln Woods is fairly rideable right now. It'll be work but you can do it, I know you can. Here's some pics of Brad in the cold.


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