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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 weeks

It's been two weeks since the last post and hopefully everyone got out in the snow before it melted away in a flash. Snowshoeing at Lincoln Woods was fun and while I was enjoying the peace and quiet afforded by 14" of snow I didn't think I'd be out there on the bike this Sunday. But, we arrived home from Boston earlier than I thought and the snow was gone so I called Frate and Mike Sam and we went for a spin in the slick and muddy woods. The ground held it's own and wasn't soft but the rocks were icy and everyone went down, or almost went down, at least once. Frate sampled the Lincoln Woods brew of muddy water face first and was no worse for the wear.

The Throwdown was, as per usual, a crapload of fun. Once I get the longer video off the camera I'll figure out how to post it here. The first night was spent dodging really BIG old dudes while night #2 revolved around trying to get some decent photos from the bar above the stage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky to can get into the woods. Up here the ice storm knocked everything down. It impossible to ride more than 10 feet without encountering a tree.

Hey. I'll be down on the first. Lets get a gang together and ride. People should have the day off... I think.

11:32 PM

Blogger team sam said...

Poor Frate, Awww!

8:03 AM

Blogger Aa said...

Why is frate face down in the mud? That's some wicked gnar.

10:06 AM


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