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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

NBX 'Cross tonight

The tiny but capable Fit will depart from Jenkins St. Station at 6:00 sharp tonight. It's destination will be Wakefield, RI for another installment of near vomit inducing singlespeed 'cross fun and games. Jim Grimley will be riding shotgun, and he will more than likely smoke most of us pretender-contender types. As per usual I'll be going as fast as I possibly can while having a good time. And, as an added bonus I promise to get some air just for GeWilli.

I may actually try to make a true 'cross race this weekend. Although I may be working on selling my bike so who knows if Plymouth will happen. And, frankly, who really cares?? Does their race really need me there, probably not. I'm sure there will be more than enough skinny guys in plum smugglers to keep one another company without my entry. They do have a 3/4 race though. This means I can sleep until a normal time and not race at early O'clock. I like to be rested before my ass gets handed to me.

Off topic - Anyone read Bicycling? Anyone? C'mon, stop lying and fess up if you do. Somehow two issues appeared via my magical mail slot on Monday. Ugh. Thank the Lord for Dirt Rag, and Urban Velo, huh? I won't even start on the Rapha ad insert, and how unabashedly self deprecatingly funny and awe inspiring it is. Unfortunately I think that joke is going to be missed by too many. If it wasn't a joke, well, than that makes it even funnier. Funnier than Bad Brad's beard growing attempts even! Though I suppose his failure to cultivate a beard over his vacation may have been a good thing. Take heed the warning below those manly boys among us yet to grow the man pelt!!


Blogger badbrad said...

Dude. Low Blow.

My beard was aweosme. It's tempting to bring it back soon... be warned.

6:00 PM


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