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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Warmer Fun Ride Recap

Thanks to all who came out on Sunday morning! We wound up with 300 + pounds of food and almost $200 in cash to give to the RI Food Bank. Not half bad for an event we pulled together in about two weeks time. Definitely going to get some better PR next year, if only to get more food dropped off (might stop tools from pulling down the arrows as well). Big thanks to EFTA for the help with the insurance as well. Thanks Craig for going out and putting arrows back up after people took them down!

The loop ended up being closer to 7 or 8 miles due to the 4" of water that fell during the previous week. Many of the trails were either under water or sheets of ice. Laying the course out on Saturday had me getting creative and utilizing one really old trail that had almost completely disappeared. Roughly 70 people came out to ride and/or help out. Stacy made some awesome chili (vegan friendly and a turkified version) and we had plenty of food to go around. The chili was a nice touch due to the cold wind coming off the water. Oddly enough temps rose ~ 5 degrees or more, and the ground began to soften considerably, while I was pulling down arrows. In keeping with the winter theme my dietary intake for the day was decidedly horrid; 3 donuts, 5 cups of coffee, two cups of chili, chips and some water. No wonder I finally succumbed to the cold floating around my office.

No pictures of the Sinister just yet. I was going to ride it but I found a huge cut in the front tire and the wheels needed emergency resuscitation. If it doesn't snow too much on Friday I'll get it out in the woods this weekend. Until then it's the trainer, riding fixed on the road and running (yeah, it blows).

It was a long weekend, and I got sleepy by the end of it. Remember, don't sleep and drive kids!


Blogger badbrad said...

My bike looks so tiny.

1:36 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

It is a size too small isn't it?

2:38 PM

Blogger badbrad said...

its and 18 I think... and I need something like a 20. But the bike just looks tiny with little wheels and a big me on it. yea.

ka ka poo poo

7:52 AM


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