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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh The Irony

Spring my ass...

The MTB action has been real sparse as of late. The freezing cold road rides, snowshoeing and runs have been fun and all but it's gotta be time for some warmer weather. I saw a familiar case at the liquor store that gave me a flash of hope. The name has changed to Celtic Ale but Harpoon's Hibernian is still a nice harbinger of spring. It's just a matter of time so suck it up and get out there, it'll be time to ride fast soon enough.

Speaking of rides, Lennon Schroeder is hosting the second annual Burlingame Winter Fun Ride. It will be held on February 15th and will feature some really fun trails designed and cut by the man himself (and his crew of trail creating zombie bike slaves) This is all assuming the snow makes a hasty retreat anyways. Be sure to check the RI NEMBA site for updates before the ride to be sure it's a go.

That's all I have for now, stay warm!


Blogger Aa said...

If only I had a car...
sung to the theme of the Tin Man.
I would really like to get the legs moving and make the long journey to the fun ride... but as the snow piles up... there is no opportunity yet insight to fix Fuhgetta the Jetta.

Do you have a spare Surly Singleator, or similar device around?

11:44 PM

Blogger Brendan said...

Bummer.. Uh, no spare Singleator but you could always use an old DEE-RAILER. Don't use the DMR doohickey I have on the Schwinn, they can't accomodate much in the way of cog sizes. They're cheap, and well made, but you're stuck with whatever size happens to work and it seems to always work out to 2:1 or smaller.

9:09 AM


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