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Monday, January 12, 2009

Feel the heat

Damn, it's freakin' cold out! It's just going to get colder too.. Before the deluge of pictures from warmer days gone by I need to mention the following: I rode the extension to the Sammy C trail in Burlingame and it is AWESOME!! Lennon is the man!

Be happy, ye olde roadies, that he will most likely never, ever, include such a trail in the King of Burlingame Time Trial. If he did your road seasons would end in early April because you'd either fall completely in love with mountain biking and sell all your road bikes, or die. It's that much fun. OK, you wouldn't die, it's not that hard to ride but it is really technical and lots of fun. It's the sort of trail that you want to go back and ride over and over again. As soon as the snow is gone your mission is to make a trip down to South County and ride that sucker. Here's to hoping Len is up to hosting another February Fun Ride, and the weather feels like cooperating.. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I bought a Bianchi San Jose. It's going to be my on/off road commuter bike to use in the Blue Hills to get to work from Houghton's Pond once my job moves to Quincy. Should be fun putting together a ride incorporating single track and fire roads. It'll cut about 20 miles off the round trip the days I ride in from the park.

OK, random pics. Enjoy the days of single layers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to spring weather...

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