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Friday, February 13, 2009

TOC 2009 the Clone Wars?

I don't usually chime in about bike racing. This is because I know next to nothing about it. I do, however, see an uncanny resemblance here and, regardless of how you feel about either of these riders, you have to admit a Hinault/Lemond style showdown at some point this season would just be great to watch.. If only to see some animation from either one of these two.

Edited to add; This picture was pilfered from the Velonews Site. If it's yours and you'd like it removed let me know...


Blogger badbrad said...

this is great:


11:10 PM

Blogger Aa said...

Ummm... Brendan, I love you man, but c'mon.
Are you serious?
That's a picture of Lance and Levi
Armstong and Leipheimer.

Hinault hasn't been racing for 15 years!

I know your disclaimer was that you knoww next to nothing, but really...
Wish I could make the fun ride.

11:23 PM


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