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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lincoln Woods 'Cross is a go

Cross Post from the P Bike site:

Hi all,

Can you believe it's almost 'cross season? I know, summer has just now reared it's sweaty head and all but, yeah, it's that time of year again. I can already hear Geoff talking incessantly about run ups, barriers and the agony of tire choices..

To help folks get in the mood we are hosting two days of 'cross training at Lincoln Woods. The course consists of some fun windy singletrack, a ripping descent and two nasty run-ups. There are no barriers because we feel that the MRC and NBX guys have that covered in spades. There is one lonely downed log roughly at regulation height. Feel free to practice your dismounts/remounts there or just ride around it.

The focus of our events is on bike handling and run-ups. For some inspiration we looked to the old timers and realized that those of us in this day and age really can't complain about a few rocks, logs and a smattering of roots.

By the way, this course is extremely singlespeed friendly because when you aren't riding you're slogging up hill on foot. The trail sections are flat, fast and flow really well.

Anyhow, the official press release is below. Keep in mind that you can stop by Lincoln Woods at any time in the future and ride the course on your own. Because it is situated in a State Park it will always be open. Oh, and if anyone wants a tour of the trails be sure to email me in advance and bring your mountain bike. There are some great trails in LW! If no one RSVPs I'll ride over on my 'cross bike and won't have my MTB with me.

This is listed over at Bikereg as well.

Join Providence Bicycle on August 22nd and 29th at 9:00 AM for some old school cyclocross training in the woods of Lincoln Rhode Island.

The course features good old fashioned woods riding with the longest run up you've ever seen followed by some beautiful winding singletrack and a ripping descent followed, naturally, by another run up. Rinse and repeat.

There is only one natural barrier on the course with a "B line" included to allow you to opt out if you so choose.

The focus of these events is to work on handling skills and the dreaded run ups we all love to hate, that's why there's only one barrier. You'll get over it, I promise.

The rides will run for 60 minutes. After that feel free to take your mountain bike
for a ride on the trails in the park or take a dip in the lake. The beach is just down the road from where we are parking.

Cost: $10 with proceeds going to the US Open Cycling Foundation

Things to bring:

Your bike, a helmet, some fluids, $10 and a positive attitude and a racing license*.

* Please note that all participants must have either an annual USA Cycling license
or purchase a one day license for $5.


Take Route 146 to the Twin River Road Exit. From 146 N take a left at the end of
the ramp (opposite from 146 S) and drive into Lincoln Woods State Park. At the
kiosk take a left and park in the big double lots roughly 2/10ths of a mile up on
the left.

Get on your bike and take a right out of the lot, pass the kiosk on your left and
proceed carefully past the gate and take the first left. Be sure to watch for
oncoming traffic. Follow the road to its end and the registration tent will be on the
right. Shortly before 9:00 AM we'll head into the woods and meet at the start/
finish area.

P.S. Big thanks to RI NEMBA, Lincoln Woods, Providence Bicycle, USA Cycling, Dick Durishin and the US Open Cycling Foundation, Mike Iafrate, Mike Ferraro and Leo Corrigan for helping to make this happen!

Thanks and Happy Trails,

401 331 6610



Blogger jim said...

I have been thinking about trying cross for several years. Quite frankly I've never even been to a cross race even as a spectator. Do they have a "Old Fat Guy First Timer" category?

I need to get to a few races this season and check it out.

7:11 AM


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